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21.03.2009, 17:42 quote


well to be honest there are indeed all difereing races.
and as such, we must consider that gthey all do the same thing really at end of the day, no matter the va;lues that they are all racing for really, it all comes down to the right nutrition, carbohydrates, vitamins, and shopping and so on, and they all use the same petrol too.

but where they do differ is on the surface.
fr eg, car racers, and the varying degrees of car racing, ei rally, or formula one.
horse racing, steeple chase or flat?

and likwise
we have the 100 meteres and the marathon.
but under neath this again, they all of the above are all doing exactly the same thing..
does race, or more correctly, "racing" get in the way?
well only if you let them.

go to any race, enjoy, have a bet, am sure you will see the fun for all!


12.02.2010, 03:58 quote


i mean it depends,
i was in a situation where things didn't work out cos of that... and sometimes just learn to take a step back and not take it too personally yeah! all the best.

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