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10.10.2008, 22:04 quote


Interesting post Confused

How many you planning on takin to dinner lol hope you have a big one..wallet that is


11.10.2008, 08:16 quote


Not intirely sure what your implying but yes i had pasta


11.10.2008, 12:48 quote


What gave you the idea i was innocent..Hey i grew up in Phuket lol no such word as innocent there!! Wink


11.10.2008, 21:15 quote


Yea my thoughts exactly Confused Cant seem to grasp what its all sure im not the ony one either


12.10.2008, 19:17 quote


"are better" you illiterate newby, I'm sure you guys do your fair amount of sheep humping over there too..and as for asian pulling, I'd watch out in checking 'innocent chick' above, it may just be cleaner/safer with your sheep..[/quote

As you know this asian girl has no room for your romance or your nasty remarks.. just because you didnt get what you wanted from me you throw your toys out the cot need to move on Rolling Eyes


12.10.2008, 19:21 quote


ha that was quick


12.10.2008, 19:34 quote


Well it will feel at home with all my std's im supposed to hold Wink


13.10.2008, 10:57 quote


Boot him hes just another **** with nothin better to do than stalk "innocent"Asian girls Laughing


14.10.2008, 21:27 quote


I doubt he would have a clue what youd be waffling on about coz i dont... but to be perfectly honest i dont give a damn what your saying your a total of lifes mistakes lets say..oh well next


19.10.2008, 12:13 quote




19.10.2008, 21:13 quote


lol, i'm bored =(

someone have an argument?


20.10.2008, 09:08 quote


ed85 wrote:
argument? Why the marry should we have an argument? This isn't some cheap reality tv show with a sadistic knobhead producer you know! Some people just never learn.....

Argumentative enough? Razz

Embarassed I got so scared when I was reading the beginning...eeeeeek.

But yes, very argumentative! MORE MORE =) x


20.10.2008, 09:26 quote


craggan wrote:
cornishnewbie wrote:
Right, that's IT Ed, you know how much I love cheap reality tv shows with sadistic knobhead producers! Why do you continue to hurt me so?!

..aye Lottery Tickets,cheap game shows dating err cheep cheep...who said Capitalism don't work good for the




20.10.2008, 22:39 quote


ed85 wrote:
What's all this talk of rocks and lottery tickets? I thought we were having an arguement here! Now pull your fingers out your f**king arseholes and get disagreeing.






20.10.2008, 22:55 quote


lol awwww you guys are like a little family =(

can i be the puppy? =D

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