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Home >> United Kingdom >> London >> Can anyone tell me that this site actually worked for them??

20.11.2007, 19:55 quote


That would be a 'No' then.


20.11.2007, 20:57 quote


before there was a forum, I tried to archive some mails on here:

but I have still about 20,000 unanswered emails, so I haven't updated it since

I know of at least 2 people who have married their Flirtbox date...

I have met about 6 or 7 girls from here myself....(excluding the official Flirtbox meetups of course)


22.11.2007, 20:44 quote


not worked for me, then again, anything i try doesnt work Crying or Very sad Confused


01.12.2007, 23:12 quote


I can say i met right man and we in love and i hope we will marry =))
So i can say YES it works and keep trying ....
Thanks Flirtbox to help me find HIM....


10.12.2007, 22:20 quote


I see my girlfriend has posted on here hello ulyana my baby i love youuu and to answer this question yes you can find love cause me and ulyana have found love as we both have said and its all thanks to flirtbox thx you flirtbox Smile and baby of cause we will marry love you. xxxxxxxxx


13.02.2008, 21:28 quote


Naaah... I've been on here a while now but whenever I see someone nice and send a message, most of the time I get no reply. I don't think most people are really on here to seriously find a real, relationship, they're just mucking about and having a bit of fun.


14.02.2008, 11:19 quote


Pearls of wisdom for the day: the see-saw of whether the site works works or not depends on what ones expectations are.


24.02.2008, 10:23 quote


Well, I'm not on this site for a long time, but I actually met a girl who is a nice chatting partner. So at least you could find such ...
About people don't answering, that's plain rude, but oh well, you can't do a thing
I'd wish there was a block button and a block list and every time I retry to see the person (who didn't even tried to answer me) to block me from seeing that person again. That will really help, as the nicks are sometimes SO similar ...

It helps a lot to know what some girls really want as you might have sent messages to girls who don't wanna date, nor chat, they just want to know how many are interested in her ... nothing more.



10.05.2008, 08:13 quote


these sites do work but obviously its a waiting game in a way.things take time and as for nobody replying to ya maybe u r not mailing the right women or not saying the right things...the dating scene is tricky and hard to know as to what to do,say etc..kick back and enjoy the ride..


19.06.2008, 22:20 quote


Yup, the site works very well indeed


25.06.2008, 09:41 quote


WillSmith3333 wrote:
i mean, I NEVER actually got to talk with a real girl from this site-never. never got messages back, never got even a "hey dude, got yr message but not interested" etc. I mean, is it just me, or do these sites just not work??? How does one meet girls in London? which way do girls like to be approached? In the supermarket? In the club? On the street? & where do girls hang out anyway???

he - try with something personal - and make sure she is online! it does work actually


25.06.2008, 22:33 quote


Hasn't worked for me yet, sent a shoot load of messages and got next to zippo back! ANYBODY ALIVE OUT THERE?!


07.07.2008, 19:29 quote


Well im still dubious about joining this site im sure I will get bored with it and leave, I am an impatient person

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