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26.05.2007, 16:41 quote


a group dating event........ with..........sorry im just choking back the guffaws here..... with..... drink offers............table games {?}........ complimentary nibbles and.........this is the bell ringing!! marry me that sounds like a great night......... i always look forward to a spot of table games at a date....... and if i can squeeze in a complimentary nibble then so much the better!! no really.........and whats that you say? no bell ringing?.......oh count me in then cos thats obviously gonna be a night to remember.........


29.05.2007, 14:53 quote


"Groups are paired off with each other"

Are you f**king kidding?

How old are these people who attend...8? That is such a terrible idea I just can't believe it. What sort of person does that appeal to?

I hope this idea crashes and burns like it deserves to. I also hope the organisers lose a bit of cash into the bargain too.


29.05.2007, 15:34 quote


doesnt it sound dismal........ i mean if all an event has to recommend it is complimentary nibbles, table games and a lack of bell ringing......... who would find that sort of thing exiting......... i want some fun....... a little adventure maybe........ and a game of connect 4 and a complimentary nibble just doesnt quite do it for me......... unless its a different sort of nibble........ maybe im just not down with the lingo but i fear and strongly suspect this will be a gathering of socially retarded star trek convention types {i love star trek by the way} and will be just full of guys that wear "comedy" ties/socks and women that are that desperate that they would go home with comedy tie man just so they could say they did it once. im so saddened that only 2 of us thought this thing so wet that we had to post a comment......... glad to have someone like minded on here....... at last.......


29.05.2007, 15:40 quote


and why do they think table games and complimentary nibbles would "get the conversation going" the only thing that i would have to say if any of this were pushed on me would be: "taxi!!!" after i'd dragged the organiser of this sorry gathering into the khazi and given him a good kicking.......


30.08.2007, 18:06 quote


If it angers you so much,or its sticks in your gullet like a hot spicy kebab(which as a matter of fact I really wish would) then why waste your valuable time even commenting on it.
It may sound a waste of time to you,but then if your pulling power is so great why are you on this site in the first place.Perhaps its the only way that anybody will listen for even a second of your narrow minded right wing views.

It appears to me that you feel so pathetic and small that perhaps it makes you feel like a real man by rubbishing everyone elses suggestions without even considering that for some people this sort of night might just work.
Have you actually said anything pleasant about anybody on this site so far ? I dont think so !
Perhaps you perfect date will be found on the BNP site,where your comments about Black men would Im sure go down a treat.

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