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07.07.2007, 09:53 quote


He's probably shagging your best mate behind your back.



07.07.2007, 11:58 quote


He's a fish?


07.07.2007, 12:07 quote


He's probably just migrated to warmer waters.


07.07.2007, 12:59 quote


I doubt essex water is any warmer than here. Anyway, you can't fight nature but rest assured that he may be back next season.


13.08.2007, 23:02 quote


Hey there pixie,

Its a fact of all of these sites,people spin a lot of lines that they dont deliver.
Ive double matched with a lot of people on hot or not,Ive exchanged the usual hi how are you,what do you do,what do you like doing.Then when it comes to meeting for a real , a totally no commitment drink or a no promises bite to eat suddenly they dont want to talk any more.
The stupid thing is on hot or not,you both have to press the button to chat in the first place,so why do these women announce to the world that they want to make new friends then as soon as they have them,not even bother to use them.

I would say its because the conversation wasnt as witty or interesting as they had expected,but you cant really judge someone by a couple of polite hellos can you ? .

There are an awful lot of egos out ther who just like to tot up a lot of double matches or friends in the case of face book,but they really havent any intention of being the good friend or lovers they professed to want to be.

And people wonder why we live in a more distant and less caring society than before.Is it any wonder when people prefer the keypad to real conversation.
Im here to chat online to whoever presents me with a chance to have a chuckle mixed in with reasonably smart conversation.And if the chance comes my way,to meet up face to face with people and enjoy seeing and hearing someone instead of having to browse a site for the facts about them,or sneak a peak at their picture.Then great !

The guy sounds like a romantic with all the best intentions in the world,but someone who probably falls in love online all the time.Girls arent the only ones who wish the world was more romantic,or shed a tear at a sad movie,or even get upset when a animal is hurt.

I think its time to move on and forget they guy.If of course your keen to meet up with him then set him a time limit in which to meet up.

Proof guys are not much different to girls,heres something I wrote a longtime ago.

Love is surely blind,for oft it stummbles past a soul in need of its delicate touch.

Dave L 2001


14.08.2007, 09:01 quote


Mm no Im not just looking for love,In fact I do tend to chat to people who stick down in their profile that their looking to widen their group of friends and then if anything else happens then great.Ive heard from a few friends on Hot or not that a lot of people have experienced the same as me.Double matching with people who dont then follow up the double match with even a polite hello.Why are these people on the site in the first place if not to communicate.

I steer clear of people who just put love in their profile,or people who already have partners but want to meet other people to join in the fun.
I find it a bit strange that people who are with someone they profess to love, need me or anybody else to spice up their life.Im most certainly a one at a time person or nothing at all.

Thanks for the compliment regarding my profile.The pictures from a job I did in germany,the buggers shaved my hair right back ,then got the spirit gum out and slapped a large mohikan( not sure of the spelling Im afraid)
on my head.

Take care


15.08.2007, 08:35 quote


Ha De Niro wouldnt be doing what Im doing at the moment,but I guess we all have to start somewhere, do a search on U Tube for Captain Pugwash then look down the list until you see oddpostents video clip of the show.
Im the big fat bloke with the suit,better known at Cut Throat Jake.Of course you have to be old enough to remember the series to really appreciate it,but its a good slapstick show regardless of where the original idea came from.

Have a good day pixie


16.08.2007, 21:55 quote


Happy to amuse you pixie.See this is what I mean this is whats lacking on a lots of these sites.People who can have a laugh,find out a little bit about other people share some thoughts about pretty much anything.
Perhaps Im expecting to much nowdays.But Im always a little lost for words when I read people's profiles and all they have to say about their entire life experiences or aspirations are "I just like getting drunk and shopping wiv my mates" .
Good grief no wonder Britain is at a stand still behind the rest of the world.No wonder we have so many people coming into the UK from abroad,at least they have ambition,drive and vision.
Ok relax step away from the keyboard.Have a lovely weekend Pixie,think of me sweating away in my fatsuit,keeping the kids entertained by turning red like a chicken in a slow cooker.



18.08.2007, 13:33 quote


So tell me Pixie,what annoys you,what drives you Evil or Very Mad crazy.What sort of qualities do you find attractive Smile in someone? What is it that you hope to find on this site.Have I loaded you with enough ?????? You seem pretty sharp to me,so there has to be a little mystery in there somewhere away from the normal stupid question "what do women want?" Boy if that was an easy question the world would be a safer place for all men.Many's the night when Ive stood in the street watching a poor sod get a verbal Mad beating from his girlfriend and pitying him for his mistake however large or small that mistake may have been .I always think yea Ive been there mate and nothing you can say right now will calm her down,all you can do is ride out the storm.


20.08.2007, 00:45 quote


Well I think Im on here for some of the reasons you are,to chat to a few people and make a few friends.Maybe just maybe more
I sort of imagined people would be more honest on the internet ,but It doesnt appear to be the case does it !

I dont start many threads on here on anywhere else unless I really happen to have an opinion on a certain subject.I find it very sad when people post thousands of messages in very short spaces of time.Ive seen some profiles with two to three thousands hits when theyve only been a member of a site for a year or so.
And whats really bizarre is these are the people with strong opinions on subjects that they often have very little experience of.I think they post stuff just to have some sort of contact with someone.I think the way to do that is to get out there in the real world and talk to real people instead of tapping out fifteen hundred messages a year.
So liars are top of your list of hates.Mm I think we all lie at one time or another,Ive told a few white ones in my time to save me from grief.I dont condone them,but sometimes they are a handy tool to keeping the piece.
I guess Id have to say I like warmth and loyalty.Im always loyal to friends and lovers because I would hope and expect it from them in return.I nearly always try to do the best for other people.It doesnt always work out,meaning I sometimes get hurt when relationships break down.I think if Im friends with someone then they get all of me or nothing at all.
I like a good sense of humour,someone who can laugh at themselves as well as others.Someone who appreciates all forms of music.I happen to like blues,classical, trad Jazz,70s funk,in fact if I hear it and like it then great.Everything deserves one play before its scrapped.
I dont mind someone who drinks to much from time to time,but I dont need someone who relies on drink and uses it as an excuse to attack me or anybody else either verbally or physically.Ive been there with someone else(me being the person on the recieving end) dont want to go back either.
I dont do skinny women or massivly overweight,I like people who accept the body their in as well as respect it.Everybody has the power to improve what they were given.
This is thorough isnt it ! Im not a fan of the woman desperate to be a man,get drunk start fights,swear a lot.But then neither am I a fan of the girly girly,need the latest shoes and bag.I think Im attracted to women who can look after herself but knows whn to ask for help.A real women who can dress up in heels and not look as though its totally alien to her.A lot of girls now day look so uncomfortable in heels that they look like their on stilts.
Im on a role now,perhaps I should stop there because thats a lot of info all at once,its almost a book of do's and dont's

Take care chicken x


20.08.2007, 11:47 quote


Ha ! Yea thats the word alright.

I dont know that Im a good choice for infatuation.I think its probably out of the pan and into the fire If you have a crush on me. Sad I can be a pain in the arse,I sulk from time to time,I can go for days and days with just myself for company,I live and work very unsociable hours.And believe it or not Im pretty shy.
Then again most actors or performers are,prefering to hide behind a script or a character.


22.08.2007, 09:39 quote


Mm yea probably sounds like a lot of rules,but It saves me having to deal with people who just waste my time with their rubbish.
I dont think you get grumpier as you get older you just get more selective in your choices.
I cant stand a lot of stuff going on at the moment with suface wealth being really important to people,white guys trying to be black guys,women trying to be men,Big Brother contestants trying to be outragous and interesting lol.
I prefer genuine no bull people who arent swayed by all things sparkly,or worried that their wearing the latest must have bag or jeans.
I think the world has lost its direction and there are very few heroes anymore,if there were then we wouldnt idolise people like Victoria twiglet x spice girl haha role model.
Of course I dont curse the world but I think I can spot people pretending to be someone else a mile off and it worries me a lot.
I think everybody is so self obsessed that they have become selfish money grabbing and attention seeking.

I love the chance to play someone else for an evening or a months run,but when the jobs over Im me again.What you see is what you get.
Its not perfect but at least its bloody honest


23.08.2007, 08:40 quote


Im very pleased for you Pixie Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Where abouts is the place,or should I say the palce of your dreams going to be.
I look for ward to the time I can get enough gold to gether to get my own place.
Hope everything goes well for you.Keep in touch let me know whats happening. xxxxxxx


25.08.2007, 16:41 quote


Aah Boston.We pass by there on the way to skegness,or is it Minehead I can never remember.Had a rough run this week though because the bloody Van broke down to Bognor,so arrive in camp at 7am this morning.Got a couple of hours kip before tonights show,but pretty wasted.
So Boston is the place for a reasonable house nowdays.I guess I could move out like you but most of my castings are in Town so Its probably never going to happen until I get a regular spot on the box for my mug. Laughing



27.08.2007, 23:52 quote



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