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27.05.2007, 19:17 quote


i just felt that i had to mention something about the women on this site that ive been speaking to...... why the obsession with being stick thin? whats that all about then? most blokes i speak to want a woman with something they can grab hold of for f*cks sake....... not a calorie dodging posh spice/wag/size zero clone....... its such a shame....... any woman larger than a size 12 thinks she's doing a jabba the hut impression and it makes me so sad........ i just started talking to a size 16 woman and she thinks she's massively overweight but i love her curves: real hips, large breasts and a bum that i just wanna grab....... but like most women ive met she wants to lose some pounds....... i feel like saying "oh dont babe not until ive enjoyed your beautiful curves" {hopefully}. where have all the curvaceous confident women gone??? bigger can be beautiful...... any curvy/bigger/cuddly chicks out there with real hips, luxurious breasts and a bit of confidence........get in touch cos i love ya..........oh yeah

*Swearing edited by Mod*


27.05.2007, 21:11 quote


you see ladies..... this fella knows his stuff........ put down your copy of heat magazine and make friends with your refridgerator........ you know it makes sense......


27.05.2007, 22:03 quote


well said........ although im not sure if i quite grasped your point....... was it a thinly veiled dig at me? or another guy? i wasn't sure.........


27.05.2007, 22:14 quote


lmao well said trev. I know exactly what your on about. i have reciently gone from a size 22 to a size 16 and that is what i aim to stay as. i am happy and think i look good, if i lost anymore i would look ill and gaunt, so un-attractive


27.05.2007, 22:26 quote


here here! i think a new website should be established for normal curvy women with luxurious breasts, substantial thighs, hips you can grab and bums you could rest your cafeteria tray on...... because a lot of us fellas wouldnt give a toss for vic beckham, lindsay lohan or any of the other pathetic pouting zombies we are force fed by ok magazine and some of the more low rent satellite channels....... they are trying too hard as well...... i mean take adele silva of emmerdale fame....... she's certainly not a minger but have a look at her...... really look at her she looks so unhappy........ its like every word uttered is an effort and its like all the goodness has been sucked from her and she's just deeply unhappy........ this is probably because she leads a joyless life due to food deprivation...... and f*ck me does it show in every thing she says and does....... so come on girls let yourself have that choc muffin in starbucks......... dont become a glutton who is pulling an ice cream from the freezer every 5 minutes but DO eat properly and revel in your feminine curves.......

More Swearing


27.05.2007, 22:37 quote


im really pleased a sexy fuller figured woman like yourself joined my thread as..... well....... you are the whole point...... and you look great by the way....... actually great doesnt quite cover it....... beautiful.


27.05.2007, 22:44 quote


Embarassed aww thank you both xx


27.05.2007, 23:28 quote


well its so true and somebody needed to bring it out into the open........... and you know me.......... im not shy about saying my piece...... it genuinely upsets me to see a beautiful woman falling into the "i'm fat" trap......


27.05.2007, 23:52 quote


being fairly new to this darling i didnt realise there was a "main" forum...... well ill take it over there tomorrow then because im on a bit of a mission with this.........


28.05.2007, 11:10 quote


you are absolutely right. slender women deserve 2 b treated just as well too..... altho i think they are seen as the "way to be" so i dont think its so hard being slender/thin/toned....... but maybe i'm wrong....... i have never finished with a woman over an issue with her looks its normally that the feelings fade or disappear........ and that is something that i dont have much control over........ im surprised tho i thought this thread would recieve much more attention than it has {replys i mean not views} and i expected more womens input......... i'll probably have to put my villains hat back on and provoke someone as i get bored easily especially if things go quiet.......... BEARDMOND!!! WHERE ARE YOU??? probably just making a buffalo toastie and a relaxing cup of terradactyl tea......{caffeine free of course..... even cavemen are health conscious}


28.05.2007, 20:46 quote


well, i'm a curvacious girl and i'm happily surprised that this topic was brought up by a man....

are there more men who think like you?????


28.05.2007, 21:06 quote


annmarie5988 wrote:
Well what can i say, to at first glance,that seems to be a heartfelt plea to all us 'bigger' girls out there to be happy with ourselves, but please allow me to reply. I am a confident 'bigger' girl, and somewhat unhappy with my body, but even those 'size zero' chicks want to lose some pounds, in fact i would hazard a guess that 90% of woman are unhappy with some part of their body. To be a confident person, thin, fat, black or white, you need to love the person you are inside, so if your self esteem has been knocked for whatever reason, you need to pick yourself up, brush yourself and say to yourself 'marry em all'. Whatever you look like, whoever you are, if you are happy on the inside, the confidence will shine through on the outside, i'll get of my soapbox now, but just one more thing, feeling sexy is a must for everyone, feel sexy on the inside and you will feel great on the outside, you just need to find the right person who appreciates you for who you are, and not what you look like
Ann- Marie Smile

I think that is more or less spot on. That's more or less what I have learned from women about how they see themselves over the years, as well as a lot of it being true of people. I wouldn't phrase it with any of the angry phrases you've used, though, because I think true confidence in one's self is very much a calm feeling unless someone's trying to take advantage, at which point the anger is directed at those particular person/s.

Personally, I have no conscious preference towards larger or smaller ladies. Finding someone attractive or not comes down to a wide range of factors, of which size is not one of them. Various physical factors do, but not that one.


28.05.2007, 21:26 quote


charming dave you are a real ladies man obviously......... im sure ann marie will be bowled over with your gesture of poetry.......... definitely.


28.05.2007, 21:49 quote


cheekyboy36 wrote:
charming dave you are a real ladies man obviously......... im sure ann marie will be bowled over with your gesture of poetry.......... definitely.

haha, you might not believe me, hell you might even be being sarcastic for all I know, but I wasn't even trying to charm or impress anyone.


28.05.2007, 21:56 quote


annmarie5988 wrote:
Well glad you have no preference but trust me you are in minority, well that would admit it anyway. There was no anger meant at all, just speaking my mind, of which i do quite alot ..... but you 2 have to stick 2 fingers up the world sometimes, no matter how big, small or confident you are. Ann-Marie x

If that is true, then that just means that there's more opportunities for me. I guess, in case anyone has any doubts or I've not been clear, I do have preferences, it's just that size isn't one of them.

I agree about sticking two fingers up to people or attitudes that stink, sometimes. Most of the time, though, I'm really not bothered. I've been making my own merry way & living as close to how I want to live in this world as I can for as long as I can remember Very Happy.

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