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25.04.2007, 21:15 quote


Hey, I think they're all just shy. Or typically, being Londoners, don't want to talk to somebody they don't know. Or maybe they all just like instant gratification? I prefer the chat rooms myself, but they're deserted tonight so thought I'd post here instead. You've got a point mate. There are at least 100 people logged in at this moment and I have no idea what they are up to - they ain't chatting, they ain't posting - maybe they're all at the bar? How to engage them? About the only thing I can think that would motivate the disaffected would be a swingers party - can't think of anything worse myself. Wink


27.04.2007, 22:47 quote


I work in communications - you got to give people a reason to get engaged. For some reason I'm not engaged! Very Happy
How about organising a party, but only those that post something interesting get an email invite the week before - then tell everyone you know that this is happening, in the chat rooms and elsewhere, so they have to join in the conversation or they're left out.

Just a thought - anybody got anything better?


29.04.2007, 13:20 quote


wooooooo hoooooo the London boards being used!

Welcome to all the newbies


02.05.2007, 21:11 quote


Have had nothing at all. But then I'm not really looking. Just hanging out here for fun. That's how I justify my crippling loneliness anyway. Crying or Very sad Mind you, I've got women in Canada and Dublin fighting over me in the chatrooms, but what use is that? So, anybody up for arranging a party for those who get involved? I'll DJ. Not saying I'm any good like, but I think can get people to dance.


02.05.2007, 23:46 quote


look lively everyone ..... party in ThickAs house!

Do we have to bring a bottle?


03.05.2007, 21:18 quote


North London if you must know but, hey, I live in London - that means I could get about 4 people in my tiny flat max! Nah, lets try organising a venue in the West End or something and inviting people off the site - if we can can get about 150, we got a party. Would love to be part of it.


05.05.2007, 21:32 quote


Has anyone tried the FREE uk site ??


11.05.2007, 23:25 quote


Hey Cazzabee, can I install you as my spam filter? This good Scottish boy needs a good Scottish girl like you to protect him! I think you've got an untapped talent.


13.05.2007, 00:07 quote


Vodka and Spam - sounds like my idea of heaven


25.05.2007, 01:47 quote


This is way to dead to be called a London thread! Oi that rhymed! Wink

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