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I wanna knw your thoughts..


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Have you seen the movie Hitch? if not, watch it.


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fromdusktodawn wrote:
it can feel so healthy and like your life has enhanced itself in new and delightful ways,
taking new winds and turns
your world widens and takes on new meaning- you think, if requited, in terms of destiny and 'meant to be'...go and try it for real and see

What a load of BS. If you want to end up in a loony bin, believe this.


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I have fallen in love and lust easily and with many men but alas, they have never come to fruition. Now, you really would not want to know what I wrote here and deleted because I'm almost at breaking point with Love. I'm 33 and I really don't think I could ever be in love again because it's just a farce and a veil smart men put on you when your innocent and attractive. I escaped love because my ex at the time was very controlling and stopped me going to college and university because he was insecure and scared that I would find someone else (which thinking back, I probably would have - although I did love him, he needed more help than anything, coming from a broken home etc), this made me very bitter towards him over the years and therefore I had to finish the relationship. Now, I may as well be on the scrapheap.

I quite like the idea of arranged mariages. They seem to work, there are no 'classes' or 'snobbery' people accept who they are supposed to be with and get on with life with definitive rules over who should do what in the household. Would save quite a few broken homes and divorces. I am of an understanding that people should work together in harmony 50/50 and most of all, help people less fortunate, apparently that is what makes people happy, to help others. Although, I'm not looking to help anyone right now, I would like to focus on myself and eventually find a boyfriend. That of course if proving difficult considering I hardly get out as it's so cold this time of year and I'm beginning to hate britain and the unfriendly customer service you get.
anyway...rant finished with for the time being!


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that was very helpful guys...some nice quotes there Wink
well one day i will fall in love, and i will be able to describe the feeling!..
thanks guys

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