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14.08.2008, 03:26 quote


Pleeeeze don't say you are just out a bad break up with the love of your life and you don't trust women anymore.

That is too much work for most girls to handle.


28.11.2008, 15:54 quote


I do agree beauty is on the inside but from my experience, not putting myself down or anything, everywhere i go and i try many places everyone judges me looks first. People generally will not bother getting to know inless they are attracted to you in the first place.

Night clubs/pubs generally places where most people go, you can barely hear the other person talk, people in places like that will judge looks first.
so for ppl like me, there is no point in goin clubbing etc to meet any1 if it be for a date, to get lucky etc cuz its neva gonna happen.

i been bullied my entire life 4 being ugly, ive been anorexic for over 10yrs, 99% of girls do not wanna date someone skinnier than them and theres nothing i can do bout my weight. Then im only 5'4 and so already most women are taller than me and do not consider guys smaller them, then theres girls who are same height or smaller, even wearing high heels make them taller and wont consider guys who are actually taller than them but cuz of the heels, there not on a night out.

I have neva once been judged by my personality cuz not one girl has eva even bothered to get to know me, i can go upto girls and im my usual reply is f off minger. I can show im completely happy etc, yet im still told to go away. Tried all types of girls, all types of places and always the same answers so i find it hard to believe anyone realy truly does go for whats on the inside cuz if they did sum1 wud have at least got 2 know me once in the 26yrs ive lived. 12yrs old have more relationship experience than me.

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