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17.11.2013, 20:36 quote


Ok so I have recently rejoined the site and I seem to be getting a lot of ridiculous emails that seem absurd .

Is it too much to ask if you are interested in finding out more about someone to share a little about yourself if you are expecting to hear more about them, this seems pretty basic but I have had quite a lot of emails ranging from the usual creepy suspects who clearly haven't read my profile as I did state that I was not interested to the shy guys out there that send an email with "Hi nice picture"

If you want to get someones attention do something different, perhaps make a comment from something on their own profile or share information about yourself but please enough of the cheese and smut

If someone has put on their profile they are not interested in hook ups then please respect that as you just ruin it for others on here that are genuine and I do believe there are a few.

Anyway rant over....

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