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15.06.2011, 14:00 quote


Recently the majority of girls i had gone out with were not english. and i learnt alot!
Gave a better perspective on culture, relationships, communication etc. real ish!

But i agree with Calcifer, majority of english girls are just up themselves. If you come with just a smile then you wont even get a conversation... But if you come with a screwface, a drink, an interest in pop idol and a mercedes car key then your married Razz


31.07.2011, 20:44 quote


i'm still Virgin UT and never benn in dating but Hope soon i will expereice it then i will write Laughing


01.08.2011, 08:10 quote


yaz101 wrote:
yes i've dated a couple of indian guys..what do you want to know? i'll be completely honest..

size=18]would you like to be with Pakistani guy in future? Razz Rolling Eyes [[/size]

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