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I Got a problem with this site, now i find that because theres so much communication going on no one is actually going forward. lol Too much online chatting not enough dating!

I came here for a dating site but i have found alot of girls i have spoken to here are here to fulfill there attention needs and use it for online / txt friendship rather than genuinely use this place as a dating site.

For those that already know - please excuse my ignorance, for those that dont know but do now - try not to waste your time!!!!!!!

And whilst im here, any genuine london ladies??? Come on someone prove me wrong Smile

The above only applies to the ones that feel offended UT Im not on some personal vendetta or singling out anyone, this is a straight observation of a familiar pattern...


18.06.2011, 20:19 quote


It's simply because you don't have a picture. Put up a picture and your problem will be solved. I've successfully met people on this sight in person and had lovely dates, but I won't even chat to anyone without a picture, let alone meet them.

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